Our Mission

Paperclip was created to help you connect with and accelerate local solutions to global challenges as identified in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The UN has called on everyone to do their part in order for the goals to be achieved. Governments, the private sector, civil society and individuals working together to make the world a better place.

Paperclip has answered the call! Together we nurture an impact-driven community to make this happen. We want all to be able to be a part of the solutions fostering the resolution to these challenges.


UN Sustainable Goals

Adopted unanimously by all 193 UN Members in September 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals were developed to build a better world for everyone. The goals focus on equitable economic growth, social welfare and protection of the environment. We believe that these challenges require innovative solutions developed locally to be exported across the globe.

How We Do It

We use our revolving funding model to better support startups, innovators and talent capable of creating local solutions to global challenges aligning with the UN SDGs. Paperclip is not a traditional funding system nor a traditional charity. It is a circular and sustainable sharing community that allows you to help tackle global issues in a tailored manner.
Many thanks to One Media Group for the video.

The Working of our Revolving Model
Members join Paperclip by making a simple pledge to share a part of their monthly or annual resources, monetary or other, with the community. Out of each member’s contribution, 10% is used for Paperclip’s overhead costs while 90% remains available to them to support the member initiative(s) of their choice. Once on their feet, these initiatives return the contribution they received and become supporting members themselves. Revenues from such investments together with annually recurring donations from Paperclip’s growing number of members lead to a continuous growth of the community´s capacity to support innovations which foster the resolution of the UN SDGs.


A Powerful Ecosystem

Our model brings together a rich and thrilling community, creating a sustainable ecosystem that offers impact-driven, comprehensive and long-term support to impactful initiatives. Being a part of Paperclip is a thrilling journey.


Why focus on startups,
innovators and talents?

We focus on startups, innovators and talents because they have long demonstrated their ability to use outside-the-box thinking to develop and implement solutions capable of combating global issues. Unfortunately the support which is currently offered to them via traditional venture capitalism and other funding mediums falls short in aiding them to reach their full potential. For instance, after 5 years, 85% of startups fail due to a lack of financial support, inefficient management and poor product market fit assessment. This is a real waste to our global society.